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Spencer Microscope micrometer eyepiece
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Bosh and Lomb Vintage Microscope with wooden case
Ernst Leitz Microscope #274190 MOTHER LOAD with documentation - Vintage Decor
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Antique Microscope Slide CM Topping
An Example of How Answers in Genesis Does Violence to the Bible, and Not Just Science
If so, they have been very successful. But who knows – sometimes the foolish do great harm of their own misguided free will, saving their opponents the need to go to the trouble of sowing misinformation, falsehood and division. That is sadder still.
A lord’s opinion can’t compete with scientific truth
nor in highly charged and politically motivated presentations either by Lord Monckton or by Al Gore. The fact of the matter is that science has spoken, the overwhelming bulk of the evidence has shown very, very clearly that global warming is occurring ...
Seven Answers to Climate Contrarian Nonsense
a respect for scientific thought and a well-grounded doubt in ghosts, astrology, creationism and homeopathy, it might have been cause for cheer. But Inhofe had a more narrow definition of skeptic in mind: he meant "standing up and exposing the science, the ...
Cinema science: Actual surgeons doing science! In the 1940s!
regarding science? Bonus points for answering whether the chosen movie is any good generally…. This movie was mostly conventional in the interpersonal relationships and the race tensions of the 1930′s and 1940′s. (One scene, for instance, has Thomas ...
The Search For the Great Science Fiction Movie (or, I Am Doooomed)
The talk was recorded, and I’m hoping soon to be able to direct you to it. Scientists who get involved in these kinds of projects hope to do some good ... leave a comment to tell me if this is wrong.) When I get on this subject, as I did with Gambis ...
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Antique Microscope Slide by Norman. Diatoms. Stephanodiscus aegyptiacus.
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Lawrence Summers: Foot in Mouth? Or Worse?
So let's see now - the President of Harvard University says that he BELIEVES that women are innately inferior in the sciences BUT he would love to be proven wrong. Hmmm, Harvard has a problem attracting women for its science disciplines and the President ...
Inside Chris Mooney's Brain
And when you do ... rigid, less flexible in their style of thinking. But I’ll also show the counterpoint–perhaps it is tougher to detect this left-right bias differential than we may think, and the cause of the present reality gap between liberals ...
Research programs embody the promise of anti-aging medicine.
These experts' ambitious research programs embody the promise of anti-aging medicine. Their lifestyles reflect ... a former graduate student of Finch now at the University of Texas Health Science Center. Nelson compared 41 genetically engineered strains ...
CSI Miami Science Fiction -- FrankenFood Disinformation
Now why would the CSI screenwriters pick a character name very ... Look, part of what attracts me to the CSI shows is that they make science look cool (the clothes, the cars, the centrifuges). And I undertand that taking creative liberties is essential ...
Andreas Moritz and trying to shut down valid scientific criticism: A sine qua non of a quack
Seemingly, whenever a quack or a crank encounters serious criticism, the first reaction is almost never to try to argue based on facts, reason ... I replied unctuously but making it a point to cc:–you guessed it–my department chair, division chief ...
More Science: Do Dems Need A Reality Based Community?
We spend a lot of time, rightly in my opinion, demanding that the Bush Administration drop its hostility towards science and scientific evidence ... the Institute of Medicine, the World Health Organization and the American Academy of Pediatrics have ...