Collectibles Science & Medicine (1930-Now) Engineering Surveying Equipment
Dewalt DW090 Transit with case and plumb bob surveyor engineer
Vintage Michael Mich Rupp New York Antique Vernier Compass Surveyor's Instrument
Vintage KEUFFEL ESSER 6" Hand Level leather case original box DIRECTIONS (22)
Vintage GURLEY Wood Tripod with Brass Fittings
Antique Surveyor's Tripod Make: Heller & Brightly
For more information, call 843-522-5895 or visit Owens joins Guerry Lumber ... Supply Co. Inc. for 22 years. Owens attended Georgia Southern University and the University of South Carolina Beaufort. Thomas completes board certification Dr ...
Teens winning science competitions versus images of evil adolescents in media
Just as with storms approaching, people hoard drinking water, apparently semi-automatic rifles now ... more collectible and pricey in the face of any restrictions. What a contrast to the twist on words "Gunn high school student wins science ...
Neil Armstrong, First Man On The Moon, Dies Aged 82 (1930-2012)
Armstrong traveled to China in 1988, during which he visited the China Aerospace Medical Engineering Institute which has now become the China Astronaut Research and Training Center. Long Lehao, 75, the chief designer of the Long March series of rockets ...
Maiden Buddhist Bihar found in Bikrampur
He would now be known as Atish Dipankar Srigyan (He Whose Deep Awareness ... Alongside Buddhism, the Veda, Upanishadas, literature, logic, medicine, science and astronomy were also studied. Soon Atish became the chancellor of other universities of ...
Ed Reform: Seductive Arguments and Attractive Solutions
While we don’t fail as many students as pundits would have us believe, we fail too many because in most cases we operate in the same form we used in 1930 ... Science Foundation that there is "an emerging and critical problem of the science and engineerin ...
Antique W.& L.E.Gurley Surveyor's Transit Troy NY With Dovetailed Wooden Case
Vintage Dietzgen Tripod 59" Wooden Legs 8 Thread 3 1/2"
Antique Brass Surveyor's Transit *Nice*
Vintage K&E Theodolite ASKANIA Nr. 666271 with Metal Dome Case Made in Germany
Vintage Metal Case W & L.E. GURLEY World War II Era COMPASS 2" Diameter
Antique W & LE Gurley Stadia Survey Equipment surveying Plus Case
Keuffel & Esser Co. Alidade model N5095A
Vintage Army Green Dietzgen Tripod 57" Wooden Legs 8 Thread 3 1/2" Missing Spike
Vintage US Wild Heerbrugg 1960's Surveying Survey Traverse Target Set in Box
W.L. Gurley Transit Vintage
Vintage Leupold & Company Foresters Azimuth Compass Portland, Oregon
Antique W.S. Darley & Co. Magnetic Dipping Needle Gauge Box/Mining Compass
Vintage Dietzgen Builders Transit Level in Wood Case w/ Tripod
Vintage K&E Keuffel Esser No. 80-0101 6" Hand Level Surveyor Scope Leather Case
Vintage Silva 15T The Ranger Compass Made In Sweden USED
David White Transit Surveying Level with Case Model 8025 VGC!!!
Vintage Buff & Buff Boston1900 patent working surveying transit theodolite #8384
Antique Dietzgen rolling Map Measure Watch Style original Box Switzerland Swiss
Vintage Dietzgen Sight Level Hand Level FREE SHIPPING
Keuffel & Esser forestry compass in original box
1934 Sprengnether Miner's Compass Or Dip Needle In Case NR
Vintage W & L E Gurley 211634 Survey Stadia Transit w/ Original Box & Tripod
Keuffel & Esser Surveying Compass 3” Metal Case. Works. Nice
Transit Kit Keuffel Esser 1930’s Wooden Box And Key. Taking Offers
Kuker Rankin Hand Held Level Surveyor's Tool Sight Level w/Leather Snap Case
Wild Heerbrugg Microscope M5A Stereomikroskop Ersatzteilkatalog Catalog Vintage
Lietz Sokkisha Model No. 115 Surveyor's Transit in Original Box
Antique Keuffel Esser New York Survey Boy Scout Camping Compass Good Working
K & E Keuffel & Esser Surveyor's Transit / Theodolite
Vintage DIETZGEN Surveyor Engineering Compass & Original Case Military
New Vintage Lightweight Magnetic Pocket Compass With Original Box
Antique Buff & Buff Survey Transit Circa 1920 All Brass IN CASE MAKE OFFER!
Antique surveyor's brass clinometer
Vintage Craftsman Surveyors Compass 9-4616 W/Box & Paperwork Works Great LOOK!!
Swiss F Opisometer Map Measuring Measure Drafting Tool
Ushikata Tracon S-25 Surveying Transit compass w/telescope
Keuffel & Esser Brass - Eng. Dept. USA, 1918 w/Original Leather Case
Keuffel & Esser K&E Builders Transit Level 525496 with case READ DESCRIPTION
Automatic Level Surveying Instrument With Steel Case EUGENE DIETZGEN CO #6180
Keuffel & Esser Paragon 74000 Transit
Kern Theodolite Centering Tripod with Kern Head,   Telescope Astronomy
Vintage Plain Utility Level and Transit
Vintage Transit, David White CO # 42406 Surveyor Transit W/ Original Box
Vintage Dietzgen 6662 Locke 6" Hand Level with leather case ;original box (21)
Antique Joshua Springer Maker Bristol Surveying Theodolite/Transit 18th Century
Antique Dietzen Germany Compass Scientific Surveying 19600 *See Description*
Vintage W & L E Gurley Troy NY Model 25555 Stadia Survey Surveyor Alidaide w Box
Brunson Survey Transit Level PAT.NO 2208014 with Wooden Case
Vintage grey Tamaya & Co., Ltd. pocket transit compass with leather case
Vintage Alidade - Keuffel & Esser Model 5095A with case
Gurley Light Mountain Survey Transit Compass Level Pre-1908 Great Condition
Vintage Keuffel & Esser surveyor's transit level / FREE SHIPPING / U.S. Only
Bostrom Survey Transit Model 4 Serial No 158 Brass with Wooden Box
Vintage KEUFFEL ESSER drawing pen 4 1/2 inch model 772 (34)
Vintage K & E Keuffel & Esser Frisco Measuring Grade Rod Survey Stick Surveying
Vintage D.W. Brunton's Pocket Transit Compass Wm. Ainsworth & Sons U.S.A.
Antique Vintage Style Brass Encampment & Fortification Surveyors Compass
Vintage Transit, David White CO # 48424 Surveyor Transit W/ Original Box
U S Geological Survey Brass Bench Marker 1922
W. & L. E. Gurley Solar attachment surveyors transit surveying Smith          
Tavernier-Gravet Alidade Survey Instrument. Circa 1900. Very Fine Condition.
Vintage DELUXE Magnetic Pocket Compass Liquid Filled From Modell's w/box
Lietz 8042-60 Surveyor's Telescopic Stadia Hand Level Sighting Scope, Box & Case
Vintage Surveys Aqua Instruments Magnetic Locator Joseph Pollard Co Leather Case
1931 Dietzgen Drafting & Survey Supplies Catalog-Gallup Map & Supply-Instruments
Berger Wye LEvel
RARE Antique Keuffel & Esser Co. NY K&E Land Surveyor Survey Instrument
Gurley Surveyor Level Wood Box Case Troy, New York
Vintage 2 Sided Convex Glass Made in Japan Pocket Field Compass Mid Century
Vintage Keuffel & Esser 4236 Drafting Tool
Vintage Bausch & Lomb Rochester NY Model 9077 Arc Transit Pat'd w/ Box & Tripod
Wm. E. Stieren
Antique Cased T B WINTER Newcastle on Tyne Survey Compass Mining Dial
DIETZGEN Hand Level Site Survey Tool Leather Case clinometer (24)
Vintage K&E Keuffel & Esser Engineer's Surveying Transit P5085C Wooden Case
Vintage Surveyor's Transit Level For Parts
Vintage Keuffel & Esser K&E Land Surveyor Conpas W Leather Case
Vintage AITCHISON LONDON Sighting Artillery Survey Compass in Leather Case
Vintage 1950s Berger Surveying transit+Craftsman dovetail wood tool box case
Keuffel & Esser (K&E) Hand Level Mdl. N5702
Antique 1922 W. & L.E. Gurley Surveyor's Transit with Case and Wooden Tripod
Path Instruments TR-303 Surveying Transit W/Case
~ Unusual 19th c American Surveying Instrument, Solar Compass, Good Condition ~
Antique Tripod, Transit With Suspension System. Wood And Brass, Nice
W. & L.E. Gurley Transit Rod / Stick & Target
Vintage Lutz Geo Surveying Compass
Vintage K and E Keuffel and Esser Surveyor Surveying Equipment - Used
W. & L. E. Gurley, Surveyors Explorers Alidade Surveying Plane table
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John McCain still really hates science
Now c’mon, guess what number 2 was. Guess! OK, did you guess that it would be some small amount of money that went to science and public education? Good for you! You win… well, nothing, except the chance to bang your head against a wall. Here is the ...
An Example of How Answers in Genesis Does Violence to the Bible, and Not Just Science
Recent discussions with young-earth creationists have illustrated well how young-earth creationists do serious harm to the Bible, and not only science, in their bizarre attempts to treat the Bible as though it were a scientific textbook and science ...
Does Indian Science Suck?
So, does Indian ... d know how S Ramaswamy was brought back from the US to lead a few new centres at NCBS. While it’s good to have change agents from outside, sometimes even insiders can do the magic if they want to. Prof Pankaj Jalote, an IIT-system ...
Andrew Wakefield: Recognized as the Great Science Fraud that he is
In deciding to sue Brian Deer, Fiona Godlee, and the BMJ for Brian Deer’s BMJ article about his scientific fraud a year ago, Andrew Wakefield was clearly grabbing for publicity, seeking to fire up his supporters (which he’s largely succeeded in doing ...
Science overturns view of humans as naturally 'nasty'
Photo illustration. Biological research increasingly debunks the view of humanity as competitive, aggressive and brutish, a leading specialist in primate behavior told a major science conference. Biological research increasingly debunks the view of ...
Antique Dolls & Toys, Collectibles & Ephemera, Early Photography | Skinner Auction 2654M
Auction May 22-23, 2013 in Marlborough, Massachusetts, featuring Antique Dolls & Toys, Collectibles & Ephemera, Early Photography, and Scientific Instruments. Approachable and surprisingly affordable, Discovery auctions were named the Best of Boston in ...